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Book 1 - Calling Tower

Release Date: March 26, 2016
ISBN 978-0972502412

In the distant future, the Human Primacy has conquered much of the galaxy.  Led by the Council of Callers, humanity has united in worship of the Calling Tower, a mysterious crystalline structure embodying the living consciousness of Earth itself.

In the shadows, one among the Callers has been working for centuries to bring about his own transformation into a being of pure power, unfettered by the limits of flesh.  In his quest for godhood, this mad Caller will risk the lives of billions and the future of humanity!

Only a small group of unlikely companions stands in the way of catastrophe on a galactic scale. 

A stunning combination of expansive science fiction and luxurious fantasy, Calling Tower is high adventure at its best.



Book 2 - Primacy Fall

Release Date: Forthcoming in 2017!
ISBN TBD - Not available for pre-order at this time

Picking up after the events of Calling Tower, Primacy Fall continues to explore the vast Calling Tower universe.








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